shaggydog_mod (shaggydog_mod) wrote in shaggydog_swap,

Art: Chaos Theory by Cackling_Madly

Title: Chaos Theory
Username: cackling_madly
Rating: R (to be safe)
Media used: pencil, photoshop elements, tablet
Warnings: some nudity (but no naughty bits) but probably NSFW
Notes/comments: As my first attempt at fanart in over a year, I realized that I'm a bit rusty but this whole exercise was invigorating and the whole process was a lot of fun (and anxiety-inducing, but mostly fun:D)

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Tags: art, art: chaos theory, artist: cackling_madly, author: sopdetly
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Oooh! Bare backs and socks! Gorgeous!
Thanks! :D
The very first thing that caught my attention about this picture was the lamp that was knocked over! LOL! Naughty boys!! Great job on this pic! You've done a fantastic job with the poses, and I can't wait to read the fic that goes with this piece!!
Thank you for the lovely comment:D
If they were play-fighting before, how did it come to this point, I wonder? ^___^
There are all sorts of possibilities ;) Thanks for commenting!
I think I actually love the details in the background the best. Gorgeously detailed piece, really!
Thanks! I struggled over the background, so I'm glad it works for you:D
OMMMMGGG. Half-naked wrestling time! I loveeee this, babe! THEY ARE SUCH BOYS. <33_<33 Poor whoever has to clean up after this mess (though it's probably Remus and he probably secretly thinks it's worth it).
Poor whoever has to clean up after this mess (though it's probably Remus and he probably secretly thinks it's worth it).

Wouldn't you? ;)

Thank you! :D
This is wonderful!
Thank you! :D
Haha, this is great. I love the action you've captured mid-moment and the bit of chaos surrounding them. I imagine this started out as a friendly jostle. I'm on top this time. Haha, no way! Gradually working up to...Grr...I'll drill you so hard you won't be able to see straight for a week! I'd like to see you try! etc. etc. ;)
That's one interpretation ;) (and a lovely one at that!)

Thank you! :D
I love this! What can be better than half-naked wrestling? Oddly enough I'm really drawn to that pile of books. I love how you drew them. Not the place you'd think my eyes would go with half-naked boys around!
Thank you! :D Actually, the pile of books are supposed to look like its teetering and about to fall over (and would, too, were it not for a cropping fail on my part:[). I'm glad you like them:)
and the sex. I approve of sex too. *nods*
Thanks! :D
It is chaos! I like how their bodies are twisted together and the kinda swirl in the background. It's crazy and intense. I love it :D
Thank you for your lovely comment:)
Ooh, are they wrestling? Naked? I like!
Very nice :D
Thanks! :D
My favourite thing about this piece is that you can't actually tell what's going on. Are they fighting? Did Remus trip? If they are fighting, is it serious, or playful? It just leaves a lot to the imagination and people could spin six or seven different stories out of the same piece of artwork. It's lovely. :)
I was hoping it would be open to different interpretations, so I'm glad you think it works!

Thank you for your lovely comment:)
You've managed to capture quite a sense of movement here, which is admirable and the little details show just how much of a mess they're making in their shenanigans. :)
Thank you for your lovely comment:)
This looks fun! I love how they knocked everything over and they don't even notice because they're so focused on each other. I love how blueish everything looks. Oh, and the fact that they're naked makes everything ten times better ;)
Thanks! I'm partial to the nudity myself ;)
I just love how you've posed them - it's so dynamic, like they're falling over each other, and they way they tangle is just brilliant. The knocked over things are a great touch, too. It really suits the title~ Chaos, in the form of people.
I can't take the credit for the pose, since I used a reference picture but thank you all the same for your lovely comment. Glad you liked it:)
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