shaggydog_mod (shaggydog_mod) wrote in shaggydog_swap,

Art: The same boat by Epithalamium

Title: The same boat
Username: epithalamium
Rating: PG
Media used: Digital shite
Warnings: Smoking, suggestions of nakedness, Sirius reading a book.
Notes/comments: The title is quite obvious in it's daftness, but it's also a bit of fun from one of my favourite scenes in Withnail and I. You know: Stop saying that! You're not in the same boat. The only thing you're in that I have been in is this fucking bath!

"The same boat"

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Tags: art, art: the same boat, artist: epithalamium, author: on_wax, author: sopdetly
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Deleted comment

Thank you so much!
I am in love. I am in all kinds of love with this! The candles are lovely and the boys look like their legs are wonderfully tangled up together. I enjoy that you put 'Sirius reading a book' in the warnings. Haha. I am also quite fond of Remus' hair--especially that bit that's curling at the top of his head there. Simply beautiful all around.
Haha, thank you sweetie! It's really seldom we see Sirius reading a book in fan art when he's with Remus, so I thought everyone should be prepared for that. XDD

Deleted comment

Thanks so much sweetie! Haha, it's quite seldom we see Sirius reading a book when Moony's around, I thought I needed to put it in the warnings, you know? ;D

Woohoo bubbles! Bubbles are my favourite, because I don't have to colour them.
I love it! I freakin' LOVE your style!! <333 The whole idea of them sharing a bath is adorable and DEFINITELY something I want to read about! And I love that Remus is just casually smoking and Sirius is reading ^^ And I love the simple, yet detailed-ness of it and the drippy candles and Sirius' elbow xD <33
Thanks so much! I'm a sucker for domestic fics, so this is total manipulation in my part. XD (yay, Sirius's elbow! He's really too bony for his own good. He needs to eat more chocolates.)
Oh man, I want a fucking tub like that. Lol, not a "fucking-tub", but that bloody-awesome tub!

I love how comfortable they are with each other, and there's something so sweet in this not being overtly sexual, they are literally hanging out with each other in the tub. I like to think they both had long shitty days, and it must feel so nice to get in the tub and be warm and "free" [lol] and be with each other! I bet Sirius keeps looking up at Moony and feeling a little bit warmer - and vice versa.

You know I love this, we have spoken at lengths about how much I love your stuff. So YAY!!!! STILL LOVE IT!! lol. XD
Lol, fucking-tub!

Thanks so much, hun. I remember reading this sex book (don't ask), and one chapter deals with the fact that life is not a porn novel or a stag movie: there are just days when you don't feel like doing it, but that doesn't mean you can't be sexy with each other. Something like that. I didn't even know what I wanted when I first started drawing this, but I'm glad it went towards that direction (I think). XD

Deleted comment

Hee, thanks! (I used to watch Withnail and I to calm myself down when I get panic attacks. Works every time.)

And lol, I'm a sucker for domestic fics where nothing much really happens, so this is total manipulation on my part. XD

Deleted comment


6 years ago

I feel morose sex and Angsty conversation coming with liberal ammounts of footsie going on.
Who can resist angsty (maybe some existential) conversation with naked boys and some footsie thrown in? ;D

Thanks sweetie!
This is beautiful! It gives me the feeling that even if they are quite close, there seems to be some distance between them. And Remus smoking, now that's a rare sight to be hold. Of course it fits with Sirius reading instead.
Thanks so much, sweetie! Is it bad that I always imagine Remus is the one who smokes? Sirius tends to get drunk instead. XDD
Eeee, those pointy limbs! *loves*
Hee, they're really quite bony, aren't they? They should eat more chocolates. XDD

Thanks sweetie!
I've always loved how you drew the pups ♥ and I love the quote that you drew inspiration from~!
Aww, thanks so much hun! (I love that movie. I quote it whenever I can. ;D)
Oh my gosh, I love that bathtub! I would live in the bathtub if I could, so I absolutely adore that Sirius is reading and Remus is smoking, and they're just, like, hanging out. ;) The candles are jars are cool too. I wonder what kind of bath things they like to use. Ooh! And you gave Remus some scars!
Hee, thank you! The bathtub still looks like a ceramic cauldron stretched out by magic, but I've grown quite fond of it. XD

I have a close-up of the jars because it's something of a joke:

It's actually quite girly! I don't know which one of them labeled the jars, or even chose the scents.

(I always like scars on Remus, but I never draw them on his face so I don't usually get to draw them. Haha.)


6 years ago

I LOVE THE BATHTUB! That thing is huge! Lovely Moony.
Hee, thanks so much! (Really, it's one big stretchy porcelain cauldron, I tell you!)

Deleted comment

Thanks so much, hun! I really loved drawing Remus's hair (when did I not? Haha). And I'm a real sucker for domestic fics, so I'm totally trying to make my writer do something like that. XDD
I agree--they seem so comfortable together! And what's not to love about the boys sharing a bath. Great title too. And the candles are a lovely detail.
Thanks so much hun! I wanted something relaxing, so I'm glad you think it's comfortable. ;D

what's not to love about the boys sharing a bath.

What indeed? Haha.
Ooh, I love this! I love the shading and the shape of the bath and the smoke and their bony limbs.
Thanks so much sweetie! The bath really looks like a porcelain cauldron stretched by magic, but I've grown quite fond of it. ;D

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