shaggydog_mod (shaggydog_mod) wrote in shaggydog_swap,

Art: Chaos Theory by Cackling_Madly

Title: Chaos Theory
Username: cackling_madly
Rating: R (to be safe)
Media used: pencil, photoshop elements, tablet
Warnings: some nudity (but no naughty bits) but probably NSFW
Notes/comments: As my first attempt at fanart in over a year, I realized that I'm a bit rusty but this whole exercise was invigorating and the whole process was a lot of fun (and anxiety-inducing, but mostly fun:D)

"Chaos Theory"

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Tags: art, art: chaos theory, artist: cackling_madly, author: sopdetly
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I loved how you've drawn it! Like I said before drawing such poses is very difficult to me but you've made it so well. And I loved the knocked over lamp and the teacup, they make it clearer that the fight has been going on for a while! And I loved how you've kept Sirius' socks on! :D This is great! :D

Thank you for the lovely comment:)
This is going to produce one saucy fic xD I love their posing and that the lamp and cup are tipped over. And I really want to know what started this off ;D And Sirius on only some socks is a very sexy sight!
Saucy fic - that's what I'm hoping for! Thanks for the lovely comment:D

Deleted comment

Thanks! Glad you like the awkwardness, it's what drew me to the reference pic in the first place:)

Deleted comment

I can't tell if they're having a playful fight or trying out a new position... And that just set my mind off to wonderful places. <3 xD The broken teacup is a great detail, and I love the pieces of clothing you left on. Socks and a shirt but no pants, that always makes me happy. The posing is great, really well done! :D
Thank you! I'm glad that it isn't obvious what's going on - I was hoping that it would be vague enough for different interpretations:)
They look like a couple of puppies playfighting! I love the abstracted anatomy, especially Sirius' legs.
Thank you:D
AAWWWWWWWWWW!!!! They're such PUPPIES!!!! Are they wrestling amicably, or did one of them piss the other off, I wonder...

I loooove this. Love love love!!

As I've said, I think you have a remarkable style - identity - to your drawings. And while I know you had troubles, it has the feeling of Quentin Blake's of effortlessly fluid yet structured.

Hmmm, I wonder ;)

Thank you for your lovely comment and for all your encouragement and enthusiasm! <3


August 23 2011, 18:59:01 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  August 23 2011, 19:02:28 UTC

It's a fine line between fighting and sex and you've captured it beautifully - and sexily, though I have my doubts that that is really a word.

I love this! And I am thoroughly impressed that you were so able to capture such tortuous (not torturous) positions and still make it look very real and natural. Sirius' spine is especially well-rendered to me. I have a "thing" about the way people draw spines because when it looks wrong, it just looks wrong. (Like this:,_La_Grande_Odalisque,_1814.jpg, for she was WAY too many vertebrae.)But Sirius' back looks very natural and "right."

And the little details are fantastic. The knocked over lamp, the broken teacup, the little peek at Remus' pubic hair, etc. It all works together exceedingly well. And Sirius' socks are somehow quite poignant to me. In fact, the whole thing is quite poignant, for there is something about the way they are reaching out to each other that speaks not just of past violence, but of desperation. It is so clear how much they desire, love, and need each other despite all else that may be happening.

There is quite a story here, my dear. And it's lovely!

EDIT: You know, now that I think about it, it may not have been an actual fight at all. But it does feel very emotional, though. Maybe a struggle if Sirius was hurt or angry or injured? Either way, what I feel form is is this sense of turning point or resolution. It seems to capture that moment in which a struggle of some other sort (even play) turned sexual and needy.

Thank you! I'm thrilled that you think the spine looks right because I really strived to make it look as natural as possible. I tried to make it as vague and open to as many different interpretations as possible, so I'm glad that came through as well:)

Deleted comment

In my mind they naked wrestle all the time ;)

Thanks for commenting!
It feels like this is something that has been building up for a while and the teacup has paid the price for them to get to this point. I love the wrinkles in Sirius' socks and the material on the floor and the sense of movement in their body language is all kinds of awesome.
Thank you! Yes, that poor teacup. I like to think it lived a full, happy teacup life before its untimely demise ;)
Ooh, a very dynamic pose. I hope it leads to some porny fic. ;-) Nicely done!
Me too! And thank you for your lovely comment:)

Deleted comment

I was hoping it was vague enough for different interpretations, so glad it worked. Thank you for the lovely comment:)
Very hot! I love the details and the positioning that hint at some wrestling around or just the fact that they want each other so much they are tearing things apart to get to each other. Can't wait to read the fic based on this one! And the fact that Remus still has his shirt on and Sirius still has his socks on somehow adds to the smuttiness, the urgency of the moment. The swirly background is lovely too.
Thank you for the lovely comment:D
I love that Sirius still has his socks on, I don't know what it is about half-naked boys wrestling, it's so intimate somehow. How did they end up thrashing their flat like this? And why are they naked? The possibilities are endless and you can cut the tension between them with a knife!

Also: I love that broken teacup. The poor teacup. XD
In my mind there is a whole story to that teacup, and it was one of my favourite things to draw, so I'm glad you like it. I'm also thrilled that the tension came through.

Thank you for your lovely comment:D
What I love about this picture is that it really looks chaotic and passionate... just spot-on for how I imagine their relationship!
Thank you for the lovely comment:D
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