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Art: The same boat by Epithalamium

Title: The same boat
Username: epithalamium
Rating: PG
Media used: Digital shite
Warnings: Smoking, suggestions of nakedness, Sirius reading a book.
Notes/comments: The title is quite obvious in it's daftness, but it's also a bit of fun from one of my favourite scenes in Withnail and I. You know: Stop saying that! You're not in the same boat. The only thing you're in that I have been in is this fucking bath!

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Tags: art, art: the same boat, artist: epithalamium, author: on_wax, author: sopdetly
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Boys in a bath together is my favourite thing! And this is so wonderful in capturing that. I love that Sirius is reading and Remus is smoking, that they're bony and rosy at their knobbliest bits, that their legs are tangled and they are so serene and comfortable with each other yet still took the time to light candles. That's just precious. And you know I love the tub! That tub is awesome:D I also like the detail of the jars on the shelf above (does that say happiness?).

So much love for this!
Ah, thanks so much sweetie! My boys are really getting too skinny. They need to eat more chocolates. XD

so serene and comfortable with each other yet still took the time to light candles.

Those candles are totally aromatic, lol. I don't even know why they have candles. And you spotted my bit of joke on the jar label! You have sharp eyes. ;D

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE THIS. I think it's the mood of the picture, how they are so comfortable about such a casual thing. I really loved the smoke and how Sirius' hair falls down, you and your hair drawing skills! And how did you make the tiles so straight I can't even imagine!

And I want to wash Moony's hair! Oh that hair~~
Thanks so much hun! Haha, what are you saying, the tiles aren't straight at all! Actually even the windows are slightly wonky. But nothing is ever really perfect in the things I do, so I hope everyone thinks it's intentional. XDD

I love this on so many levels it's not even funny. It's cool how you made it both sexy and intimately comfortable at the same time. I guess what I mean is that I like how they just seem to share the moment. It's not just about sex, but about the delicious comfort that comes from being with a long-term partner. They can simply be together and be themselves. And along those lines, I love how there is that subtle role-reversal to fanon stereotypes: Sirius is reading (and I do see him as a reader) and Remus is smoking. that's awesome!

And there is such a fantastic story here. I'm really attracted to it because it's not epic (in the literary sense), but all about the beauty of the moment. To me (and as you well know), that is very much what makes good stories! Yay!
I always love reading your comments: you make me sound smarter than I actually am! XD I didn't know what I was doing here, to tell you the truth, and hearing such kind words from everyone makes me think that I'm headed somewhere with this.

the delicious comfort that comes from being with a long-term partner.

Call me a boring fart, but I do love domestic fics that are really comfortable. There might be conflict and stuff, but coming from outside--not between themselves.

I'm really attracted to it because it's not epic

I'm so glad you think so! I remember that convo we had about the little details of life, and I said that I'm not good with doing it in fiction. I'm glad you think I managed to catch that thing with this piece. (It means quite a lot that it came from you, too. ;D)
It's getting hotter just looking at this. This could be interpreted so many ways!

Plus, major props for using a "Withnail & I" quote. That movie is brilliant.
Aw, thanks so much hun! (I'm glad there are interpretations, because I was really afraid this was the art work no one can write a story for. XDD)

And yay! I love that movie. It's helped me through quite a lot of panic attacks, I tell you. ;D
I always adore your attention to detail and I find myself marvelling over the glow round the candles and the writing on the jars. And I do love a smoking Remus or Sirius, as well as bath smut so my night has been made!
Thanks so much hun! (Oh, I am so hoping for bath smut, haha. I'm being quite manipulative here. ;D)

And I'm glad you noticed the writing on the jars! It was a bit of a joke since probably no one will notice, but I do like that little detail.
This looks so lovely. They're just sharing a quiet moment in the bath... I love the candles and their hair. It's funny that they're smoking and reading like it's nothing unusual to do it while having a bath. :D
Haha, thanks so much! I imagine they're getting off the bath all wrinkled and stuff because they've been in the water too long. What a couple of ducks! XD
As usual your coloring is without fault and the way you capture both masculinity and fragility in your images is so wonderful.
Thanks so much!! And because I've been wondering lately if my boys really do look like girls (and if I haven't improved at all), I'm glad you think think there is that mixture of masculinity and fragility. I quite like that. <3
This is stunning. The bath, the tiled floor, the candles, the bottles and jar on the windowsill, Remus' cigarette smoke, Sirius' book - all so beautiful. And the Withnail & I influence just makes it all the more awesome! ♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks so much hun! ♥ ♥ ♥ (I'm really quite fond of those bottles and jars. XDD)

I love the moody style of the art! The coloring is absolutely fantastic and I really love the wisp of smoke as well as their beautifully styled hair. Really lovely work. :)
Thanks so much hun! Because I'm such a xxxHolic fan, I do love drawing those wisps of smoke. Not to speak of the hair. Even wet, Sirius's hair needs to be pretty. XD
Gorgeous! I love your style. I love the candles, I love their hair, I love the smoke... god, I love everything about this <3

Oh. And I just noticed you, to medias used, wrote “Digital shite” which made me laugh for reasons unknown even to me.
Thanks so much sweetie!

Haha, I sort of feel like an arse saying digital painting when I can barely colour in Photoshop. I guess I'm taking the piss to hide my inadequacies. XDD
I may have mentioned before how much I love your style and I stand by it; the wet, curling hair and the candles. The subdued atmosphere and domesticity. Lovely.
Thanks so much hun! Subdued atmosphere is definitely what I was aiming for, if I was indeed aiming for anything. Haha. I like quiet things, I guess. :>
This is so gorgeous! I don't even know why but Remus' leg looks very sexy. I love Sirius' hair and how the strands stick together. The bath looks great, I love the shape. The candles and the jars at the top are great details. The shadows look amazing all not clearly defined and in several different shades round the edges. I also really love the tiles, they look amazing.
Thanks so much! I was trying a different way of colouring with the shadows, because I don't know how to do shadows to save my life. I'm glad you liked!
I have SOMEHOW missed commenting on this. How terrible of me.

I really can't decide what I like most about this one, but I think nearly the top of the list is the way they're interacting. Neither is quite looking at the other, and Remus is actually facing away. Yet, they're naked in a bath, legs tangled. It's sort of a beautiful emotional echo.

The candles are great as well, and the little curls in their hair.
Thanks so much! It's sort of a beautiful emotional echo. is really quite a nice way of putting it, I didn't even notice their interaction until people started pointing it out. You guys are making me look smarter than I am!

seriously though, this is wonderful. i love peaceful domestic scenes like these, full of intimacy and every day things. <3 remus smoking and sirius reading, IN THE BATH, i mean, they have to be doing this a lot. <3 the light is wonderful too :D
Haha, Sirius reading a book is COMPLETE ANARCHY against Sirius Black tropes, what are you talking about? XDDDD

Thanks so much, sweetie! I love quiet little moments, especially since I can't quite write those (20 years or so of reading adventure and horror books cut me out for the role of speculative fiction writer: not a lot of quiet moments there). And yay lighting! That made me cry tears of blood so I'm glad you liked!


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